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I am originally from Canada and currently live in Nova Scotia with my wife, Glynis Maria (an avid gardener). As well as cooking, baking and the science of both. I enjoy: sail boats, drawing (pencil and computer), e.g., my web-comic pencil envy (pencilenvy.ca), watercolour painting (ericbailey.ca), reading and computers. After over thirty years as a computer draftsman, I have retired and taken up writing. As of January 1, 2023, I have had nothing published.
About Me November 10, 2019
An on-line master class in the basics of writing fiction. All the knowledge without the college.
Training/Education diy MFA 101 (Spring 2020)
Click the link below for three short stories written by me, based upon the nursery rhyme ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’. The exercise was to write a short story based on a nursery rhyme in the ‘voice’ of another author. See if you can figure out the author I am writing as…
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“Nothing is writing, except writing.”