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Zombies, a Novel August 14, 2023
Welcome to updates for my novel “Zombies, a Novel”. Now open for Beta readers. My manuscript for “Zombies, a Novel” is ready for Beta readers. Before you offer to read it, check out the details below. Zombies, a Novel Contemporary Horror 100k. Lots of fucking cursing, death, humour, and mayhem, not necessarily in that order. Please include a little about yourself in your email request. 1. What is your most often read genre? 2. Are you okay with fucking cursing, and scary, disturbing content? 3. This is a Beta version. I am only looking for an overview, and anything obvious that I might have missed. 4. Do you understand this is NOT a typical horror story, NOT a typical zombie story? 5. Please let me know your preferred file format. If your interested please click this link to send a request to join the. … Beta reader team for Zombies, a Novel. NOTE: Please use the link above to apply. Please answer all of the questions. Thanks, Eric C Bailey
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