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This is my first January 14th newsletter since I changed frequency from monthly newsletters. This will always be the shortest one of the four yearly newsletters I publish. January will have any recent news and a greeting for the new year.

So Happy New Year, and I hope 2023 is better for all of us.

Zombies, a Novel: The word count has gone from 74700 words on December 14, 2022 to 80300 as of January 14, 2023.

Space and War: I will continue plotting Space and War (working title) in Plottr, soon.

Scream and Leapt: My first short story is going to be re-written. ... soon.

Everything is on hold until the draft manuscript of Zombies, a Novel is finished.

Random Things on My Office Walls

It may seem like a writer isn't working, yet, like a bear in the woods, um, doing their business, it's best to not disturb them. ... especially if they run out of potato chips. Writer or bear.

Book Reviews

The Cyborg Tinkerer (The Curious Case of the Cyborg Circus Book 1)

by Meg Latorre


I reviewed this book in November 2020, Issue XVI of the Newb Files. As someone pointed out I also mentioned (reviewed) the author, something not usually done.

Of course, I disagreed, and still disagree, for a reason that will be mentioned.

Still, lets try a review of The Cyborg Tinkerer in my new format.

Meg Latorre is very knowledgeable about writing and the writing/publishing industry. She worked (in a junior position) for two years at a publisher. Her YouTube channel is a great resource for newb writers. Along with Jenna Moreci, they formed my Writing 101 team.

She makes or made, money from it, and so her background should be mentioned. She makes money teaching and lecturing people about writing—yet she can't do it.

Which is why her debut novel was such a disappointment, as she seemed determined to break every rule and guideline she promoted in her YouTube channel with her own book.

This is already long for my new format, but such is life.

One other point from my original review is this: is it so difficult to get proper feedback on your writing such that when you're well known, it's almost impossible If you're not going through the boot-camp of traditional publishing, your book will not be as good, period

Where were her beta readers, her family, her friends

NOT recommended, in any way.


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Eric C Bailey, January 14, 2023

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